At Walter DEC, we strive to provide the best results, offering a comprehensive paint and decoration service. We take the customer’s idea and design, and with our specialised team, we work through each step of the process to guarantee a great product.

We paint on different surfaces (like plastic and glass) using multiple finishes: matte, glossy, gradient, soft touch, and mocolor. All these finishes can be applied using water-based products and epoxy.

Using screen printing, we can customise all types of surfaces using ultraviolet and organic inks, and as an exclusive product, gold and platinum ink that is vitrified at 600 °C. They have quite the glamorous finish since their composition includes a high percentage of precious metals.

Another service that we offer is hot stamping, a technique that consists of using heat transfer on top of an impression made with ultraviolet ink.

We also provide a labelling option; thanks to our latest acquisition, we can label any kind of glass container (flat, round or oval).

At Walter DEC, we work alongside our customers to achieve a finished product of the best quality.